The Intelligent Web Music Player

Automagically add Spotify and Apple Music playlists to match your website content.


We know keeping your audience engaged takes time and effort, so we’ve developed a tool to make it easier to share music on your website!

Mixvisor’s web player detects artist names in your website’s content and automatically generates a playlist of their music. Readers can listen to relevant artists without leaving your page, and you don’t have to go searching for tracks to embed! Get your free player now!


Embedded Player

Our embedded player automatically identifies artist names on the page, and is populated with a playlist of their tracks. Users can listen to track previews of multiple artists without leaving your page, and have the option to download or stream tracks through the iTunes Store or Apple Music. The player is inserted as an iframe beneath your content, working seamlessly.

Try it out with these artists now or get your free player now!

Mark Ronson Future Tame Impala Jamie XX Taylor Swift Disclosure Big Data

Fixed Player

An embedded player isn’t suitable for all pages, so we also designed a fixed player that activates when a user clicks the icon next to the artist name in your content. Once activated, the player is fixed to the top of the browser as the user scrolls. It’s perfect for pages with less structured content, such as long lists and home pages.

Get the fixed player for free now!

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